Comcast Brings Better Services With There New Bundled Services

by : David Johnson

While many home telecommunications service providers areattempting to imitate what Comcast is doing with their new bundled services,once you go beyond the surface you will see that the imitators are offeringsomething that is completely different. Comcast delivers all of the threeservices that it markets in house and doesn’t work with any other serviceproviders and that is the main difference.

?Other serviceproviders have gotten together to market their services together but its stillthe same old way of doing things when the services are delivered to your homeor business and you are stuck dealing with multiple service providers. Comcastnow offers its customers broadband high speed internet service, along withdigital telephone service and of course premium cable service as they alwayshave.

The great thing about all of this is that all of theseservices come on one bill that has only one fee to pay and there are plenty ofsavings for you the consumer with Comcast’s new way of doing business. Theirphone service is loaded to the top with great savings, because it uses a newflat rate billing service. The way that this works is that you get free nationwide long distance calling and also all of your common phone functions are freealso. There are twelve free functions in total that you get for free fromComcast and they include voice mail, caller ID and call waiting just to name afew of them.

Comcast’s phone service is all digital now, so you areassured complete reliability when placing your calls and crystal clearreception on both ends of the line. Comcast now also offers broadband highspeed internet service and it is a full one hundred times faster than standarddial up service. To start with there is no log on time wait, because withComcast cable internet service you are always logged on.

?Moving from websiteto website is almost instantaneous with broadband high speed service and datarich downloads such as music or videos take only moments to do. For video gameplayers broadband high speed internet service is a mustFree Articles, because with it youcan get in on all the fast action of the group competition video games now.With cable high speed internet service you don’t have the lag time thatsatellite high speed service does that is caused by the signal traveling to andfrom the satellite so you get instant reaction times in your game playing.

Comcast has always been a leading name in the TV programmingservice industry and now that they have finished all of their system upgradesthey have even more to offer you in home entertainment for your TV. They nowcarry a full two-hundred and seventy-five channels of programming and it is allin digital format for perfect clarity in picture and sound. They have a widevariety of well balanced programming packages and there is one there that canfit everyone’s budget. You just can’t beat the direct connection that cableservice brings for quality and reliability in the programming that you receive.