Data Loggers For Dummies

by : Clyde Hart

Data loggers are based on the technique of data acquisition or digital data acquisition. Data acquisition is a process of recording or saving of real world data or measurements into computer format. Various types of signals, temperature, humidity levels etc. can be monitored using data loggers. Data loggers measure such temperature or humidity levels and record them in its non-volatile memory space as a log entry. These devices are capable of storing large number of such log entries and do not even require the computers for its functionality. The quality of data loggers to function without the computers has given it great popularity as it opened many opportunities where it can be used instead of employing an expensive computer.

Moreover, data loggers are also portable and can be used with various technologies to figure out a new meaning and use for the device. For example, Bluetooth GPS data loggers are used extensively to monitor the performance of vehicles without the need of a laptop. You do not even need to use cables to extract or download the information from the data logger as it uses Bluetooth technology that enables you to retrieve data via Bluetooth. Data loggers are also used to keep track of vehicles by using the GPS vehicle tracking system, which is based on the data logger’s technology. If you want to record or save CAN messages then you can easily use the popular CAN data logger, which is easily available in the market. This would enable you to log CAN messages at less cost with great flexibility and performance.

Nowadays, data loggers are even serving the network transport protocols such as File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to record its logs into data logger for reference. When it comes to logging the current readings for web pages, data loggers are used to serve them with the details. Data loggers are also used as an alarming device in businesses or places where we need to control the temperature and humidity levels. These devices can be programmed to set high or low level and if the temperature and humidity levels exceed the limit, data logger alarms the system. Many new data loggers even have the capability of automatic restart in the event of power failure or automatic starting of the device. This feature helps to save a lot of battery so that the device can work for long with recharging. If planning to purchase a data logger remember to look in for the following features such as, ease of use, flexibility, memory capacity, size of the device, durability, cost of the device, power requirements etc. so that you purchase meet your requirements.