Do You Suffer From Hotel Fatigue?

by : Natalie Wakefield

You probably know the feeling – stuck in a hotel bedroom that looks exactly like the room you stayed in last week, and the week before that. The chair’s hard and uncomfortable so you end up sprawled on the bed. After a hectic day the thought of a table for one in a crowded restaurant is so unappealing that you opt for room service and blow a small fortune on a glorified sandwich.

If this seems all too familiar then next time you travel on business why not try a serviced apartment?

Serviced apartments are fast becoming the preferred accommodation choice for many business travellers. The concept of serviced apartments has developed in the UK in recent years following the lead of countries such as Australia, New Zealand and the United States. These apartments, often confused with suites, are generally found in prime city centre locations.

Guests enjoy the space and freedom serviced apartments offer. Typically, in addition to your bedroom you will have your own private lounge, fully-fitted kitchen and of course bathroom. There’s space to relax on your own, entertain colleagues or even get some work done.

There are advantages of staying in a serviced apartment too when it comes to dining – fully-fitted kitchens offer an alternative to eating alone in restaurants and are ideal where a guest has special dietary needs. There’s more flexibility too – as breakfast can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own private lounge with no need to rush to meet the deadline for breakfast!

Serviced apartments are also ideal as a venue for small meetings and conferences and can offer executives and conference organisers an alternative for small meetings or debriefing sessions – look out for high speed Internet access which is available in the best serviced apartments now.

Serviced apartments generally offer the same flexibility in booking terms as a hotel – you can book direct via telephone or email and can book online. There is usually no minimum stay period and they are cost-effective too when compared to hotel rates, particularly when you take into account the possible savings on expensive extras, such as roomservice, bar and laundry bills. Sharing a two-bedroom apartment with colleagues is the most cost-effective option of all. Ensuite bathrooms ensure no loss of privacy but the total price per apartment will be substantially less than two or even three standard hotel rooms. Maid service is included as you would expect in a hotel and the best serviced apartments have on-site reception facilities to provide you with any additional assistance you may require.

The serviced apartment market has emerged as a most cost-effective alternative to hotel accommodation and, at times the only option to consider. High in comfort, low in cost with complete consistency. Three C’s that provide a good benchmark for anyone needing to stay, for whatever length of time, away from home.