Video Games and Gaming - Ogre Island

by : Stephanie Haile

?Start off with a choice of basic skills. Choose?three different ones with choices?like swordmanship, magic of all kinds, alchemy, and fishing. ?As you continue through the wilderness meeting players, battling monsters, finding ancient tomes of wisdom be sure to keep a keen look out for some special players! ?The most skilled player in the game though not the highest level (timetogonow) is a very intense and highly adept player. ?The expert on the player market (Alturia Raven) is a colorful female with skills a plenty. She is up to date on the prices of items in the player market.? ?Alturia's significant other (Jayce Atkins), they are hardly ever apart, he is the magic man and knows the location of all the scrolls and is a magic man with knowledge of spells.??The Master of Arms (CanadianWarrior), he makes the game easier with his vast knowledge of the game play, because of the quality of his charachter and person, he is a friend to all and if he doesn't know it, timetogonow does.?The man to speak with of the tomes and mines (Graganor), if he doesn't know, it doesn't need to be found. ?(Wyverex) also known as Nail or Helper, he is an expert on Monsters and Leveling, also quite the knack for making money outside the player market, cha-ching.Also (Vagabond) is THE CREATOR! If you find him on the map.... consider yourself blessed. He is the originator and freely hands out birthday cakes on your birthday and random items throughout the holidays like SANTA HATS!?Ogre Island is a brilliant free MMORPG! and well worth the time it takes to level up and then it is enjoy your time playing, making friends and conquering the island.