Disneyland Hotel Fun Facts

by : Douglas Anchel

The Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim California is located on 60 acres of lavish tropical gardens and is surrounded by a residential neighborhoods.

There are 1,136 guest rooms in the Disneyland Hotel with 62 suites in three towers all with garden villas. Within the hotels and surrounding area there are 11 restaurants and lounges, over a dozen shops, three swimming pools and a sandy beach.

The three towers encircle Seaports of the Pacific, a marina play land and world class shopping area, dining and entertainment attractions. There is also a romantic underground waterfall that is somewhat unknown in the central garden. Make sure you visit the underground waterfall at night with the person you love. It is surprisingly beautiful.

Disneyland opened in 1955 but the Disney Company did not own the Disneyland Hotel until the late 1980s? The Disneyland Hotel was owned first by the Wrather Corporation.

The restaurant "Granville's" in the Disneyland Hotel is named after Jack Wrather's wife's maiden name.

The Disneyland Hotel originally consisted of just two stories of hotel rooms. But in 1961 the Disneyland Hotel added another 7 story addition. This was the biggest building in Anaheim at the time.

Since the inception of the Disneyland hotel only one of the original trees planted still remains. Ask any manager and they will point it out to you. What happened to the other trees? Perhaps they used them as timber to build the hotel.

The Hook’s pirate ship that originally was located in Fantasyland serving as a restaurant is now shipwrecked at the Disneyland hotel in the Lagoon pool area but no longer serves as a restaurant.

If you want to get married at the Disneyland Hotel or on Disney property visits the "Fantasy Weddings Office". Guest appearances at your wedding by a costumed character are $500 (this would be $3500 for a set of dwarfs for a Snow White theme). Use of the Cinderella Carriage is just $10,000! And in case you’re interested, there is a different carriage, a simpler black one that costs significantly less for the Musketeer on a budget.

During the summer Disney puts on a nightly firework show. The show is clearly meant to be viewed from within the park but, if you park right off Ball and Anaheim Blvd across the street from the Disneyland parking lot for employees, you can sit in a small area of grass across from the Sheraton Hotel. From this vantage point you get what is probably the best view of the show and the best part - it's free! Oh, and don’t forget the fire extinguisher.