Learn How Video Conferencing Can Save You Money

by : Charlie Cory

Depending on the tools that you use, video conferencing allows large numbers (and small numbers too) of people to communicate at the same time and share information, ideas and generally collaborate, irrespective of their location. It is possible to share computer desktops and view whiteboards, much as you would in a normal business conference. This without the cost of hosting one in the real world of course!

Here are some of the main advantages of video conferencing over face to face conferencing:

* Cost. The overheads when running video conferencing are miniscule compared to the actual cost of physically delivering people from all sorts of locations to a specific destination. Taking into account the cost of travel itself, accommodation for those from out of town, meals etc should be enough to convince you. When you actually include the cost of lost man hours travelling then there is no contest in my mind.

* In this day and age, people keep most of their work information on the computer. Obviously, if you are at home in a video conference, all of this information is readily to hand. There is no danger of leaving an important document at and airport if you never have to leave home for the meeting.

* Should you need to call upon people outside of your organisation; experts in various matters for example, it is far easier (and cheaper) to organise as a video conference than in a face to face meeting. Especially if the people involved have to travel any distance.

* It is possible to record video conferences, so that they can be re-run at a later date. This kind of thing can be an invaluable training aid as well, so that your staff can improve presentation skills for example.

* Things can happen much more quickly with video conferences. What I mean by this is that you can action things quickly and save project time by doing things with video conferences.

Communication via video conferencing is certainly better than shared telephone calls for example. Watching and studying other people in the same meeting can be quite an eye opener. It is certainly something that is not possible via a phone conference.

As technology improves, then prices come down. You get better quality video conference for less money. Now is definitely the time to consider moving to video conferencing for your meetings.