Wind power solutions at your backyard

by : Ashish K Arora

To make this world better place for living, we should takesome serious changes. We must stop consuming non renewable energy sources.Instead, we can employ power solutions that cost less and are environmentalfriendly. This means solar and wind energy are the most effective methods ofproducing power.

These solutions canhelp you avoid power outages.

Wind power solutions are especially convenient when youbuild your house in flat, open areas where winds blow at least 11 miles perhour. The best places for wind farms are in coastal and open areas where windsare strong and reliable. When the wind is weak, the system will not work.

We can use wind energy by building a tall tower with a bigpropeller on the top. When the wind blows the propellers spins, which in turnspins a turbine inside the generator to produce electricity. If there are moretowers, the production of power will be higher. This power we can use in housesfor running different electrical devices. In addition, it can be stored forlater use.

Wind power is not perfect but it is safe, freeArticle Submission, needs nofuel and produces no waste or gases that can badly affect our environment andour health. It is renewable-the winds will keep blowing and it makes sense touse them. Compare that wind power advantages to other non-renewable powersources and you will see the benefits for yourself.