Homemade solar panels

by : Ashish K Arora

If you are interested in cutting down your electricity billand looking for other alternates such as solar power, you are thinking in rightdirection. The next question in your mind might be how can you make solar panel in your home?Don’t worry; it is very easy to make electricity from solar energy. Solarenergy is available to all of us and with a minor investment; we can makeelectricity from it.

For making electricity from solar energy, you need to have asmall kit that converts the heat energy of sun to the electrical energy andthat electrical energy is supplied to you through the connecting cables. Themain part of the solar kit is solarpanels. These solar panels have to install at a place where youget regular sun heat. Although these panels occupy more space, however you caninstall these solar panelsto your backyard or roof.

There are many solarpower equipments (solarpanels) available in the market, however you should try to getequipment, which is reliable and at the same time is cheaper also. There aremany suppliers who will offer their products at very high rate of? $2000 and even beyond. However the cost ofthe equipment is so high that it will not give you any immediate benefit so tryan equipment or kit, which is much cheaper.

Actually the benefit of cheaper kit is that you immediatelyget benefit of the cost and start saving in your electricity bill from veryfirst month. If your family is small and your electricity requirement is low,you have a chance to save up to 70 percent of your electricity bill everymonth. However, larger families also have a vast potential of savingelectricity bill to the tune of 50 to 60 percent.

So, it is very easy to make solar panel at your home andyou only need a small initial investment of the order of $200. You will have toinstall a solar kit and you will start generating electricity from solar energycontinuously from solar panel.