Disabling Popup Blockers -- How To Do It

by : Hwang Keum-ok

There is really no magic to disabling popup blockers. Most popup blockers operate with a pull-down menu. So if there is any magic, just simply click on the pull-down menu and usually there is a "enable" and "disable" check box for you to click "on" or "off". That is how the majority of them function. There really is no secret to the whole thing.

The most popular popup blockers all work on this same premise. If you take a look at the market leaders in popup blockers they pretty much all use the same features and tools. Some of those market leaders include: Comcast, Stopzillia, Netscape, AOL, Internet Explorer 7, Safari, and Google. All of these brand names have great pop up blockers and they all use a pull down menu in disabling popup blockers on your personal computer.

By the way, most consumers and computer user want and use popup blockers to keep nasty popup advertising from appearing on the desktop. Most users do not want to be annoyed by popup advertising at every web site they visit. All popup blockers work on the premise of stopping popup windows appearing on your desktop as your work or visit any web site. This stops popup advertising in its track.

You might be asking, if this is the case, why would anyone want to disable their popup blocker. There are times when you might want to disable a popup blocker. It does not happen very often but there are special circumstances where disabling popup blockers will help you find and receive additional information from the site you are visiting.

The most common situation where this occurs for users seems to be music sites where you are seeking to download music. Although this is not always the caseBusiness Management Articles, this appears to be a common issue with computer users. At that point you will need to disable your popup blocker to complete your task.

Keep in mind it is easy to disable most popup blockers if you need to for special situations. The pull down menu is the place to begin. If you find yourself needing more information about completing this task you can refer to a "help" window for more details. Most popup blockers come with plenty of detailed instruction and it is usually easy to read and find answers to all of your questions. Disabling popup blockers may come in handy some day!