PeerGuardian - first defense

by : Make

The latest couple months is vulnerability of your privacy dramatically increased.Anti P2P forces, Goverment, Police, Spyware servers...Everyone want to know moreabout your activity on Internet. Everyone want to know what you have on your pc.Everyone want to know of you have and share your music and video files, what did you visit on internet,how oft, how long time are you been there, what programs do you use etcetc...They would to make law inside Europa to sniff into mails, listen your phone call, Your ISP must keep all logs,...Privacy is dangerously threatened from different sources. There are well couple tutorials inside tutorials section with steps how to protectyour right on privacy.Because do not forget that Privacy is your right and not privileges.As one of the latest programs that help you against "privacy sniffers hordes" is PeerGuardian 2 released from At this moment the latest version of PeerGuardian is 2.0 Beta 6b.I'll skip uninteresting installation instructions and did a just some advice regarding effective use of PeerGuardian mainly on sharing programs as Kazaa, Edonkey, Shareaza, DC... You can use it of course in combination with socksifying (explained at with pictorial and video tuts by tutorials section - ) what should increase your privacy dramatically and make ti very difficult to trace you. When you open PeerGuardian you will see actually how it is one simple and effective program without many not necessery function.

On left side are:

Disable - display number of blocked IP's List Manager - display number of sources used for uploading Check Updates - with info about latest updating

On right side are:

Block HTTP - HTTP allowed or not (mean do you want to block IP during surfing thorugh the Net or not) View History - Actually logs of blocked and allowed IP'S Clear Log - Clear your Logs/History.

By clicking on Setting you'll see another screen with:

Auto-Update - You can set to check automatically for new release of PeerGuardian, aut. update of lists and time to check for update

Logging - With setting how much lines to logs and enabling/disabling allowed connection with specify of days for removing

Startup - To chose start of not with Windows, start minimized or not and displaying splash screen or not

Optimazation - Normal to use IP ranges exactly as it is inside list or Agressive that use a less CPU and block much more (it is explained by programs self how)

Now the most import parts.Click back on protection and click on List manager and you'll see oversight of your list.

To creat list for yourself what is strongly recommended go to this url:

  • (Bluetack sources that are updated daily.More aboutthis great site that provide list of IP together with their great program Blocklist Manager next time)

    and then added every single url that you find there to your list.How?Click on Add (it is if you would to download list on daily basis from internet.Create list button isfor creating your own list from local sources)

    and type by description name of list and check URL to specify url which PeerGuardian shouldcheck and update your list.By Type chose of you would that IP are blocked or allow.

Repeat same method by other url's, click OK and you are done.Start your sharing program (eventually socksified what should increased your privacy) and surf safe.

Make,Solution for privacy, security and anonymity