Switching to Broadband Phone Providers

by : Paul Wilson

Broadband or Internet phones function like real phones but convert voice into digital signals that are then conveyed over the Internet. The technology used is termed as, VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol. Less expensive than regular phone services broadband phone services offer caller ID, call waiting, voice mail, call filters, hunt facilities, as well as conferencing.

Broadband phone services need a high-speed Internet connection and do work with wireless ISPs. However, there are still concerns over voice quality, reliability, and security. The advantages are:

&bull Great savings in phone bills especially in long distance calling.

&bull Choice of area code and addition of other inbound numbers for a small fee. This means you can have local numbers in multiple area codes around the country.

&bull The option of a second full service line at low cost with unlimited long distance service. Can be used as a voice or fax line.

&bull Availability of comprehensive on-line control over call forwarding, time of forwarding or number forwarded to. E-mail notifications, voice mail messages or e-mail or voice mail, can all be arranged.

&bull One can access voice mail by taking along the phone adapter from hotels, offices, internet cafes, and so on. The VoiP service can travel with you.

VoIP can work with:

&bull A home office PC in which the software is loaded along with a headset or specialized broadband phone connected to the PC. Advantages of software based VoIP are that it allows integration with other software, offers lowest calling rates, uses existing hardware, utilizes few power connection, and needs little space. Disadvantages are that the system needs the computer on at all times, cannot use existing telephone equipment, and blocks valuable computer resources.

&bull With an adapter box that links the high speed net modem and the home office network or PC. Advantages of this are that it functions independently of the computer, uses landline equipment, allows vendor control of adaptor support and programming. Disadvantages are that it is not compatible with computer software, needs space and power outlets, and lends limited control.The new technology is provided by many companies like AT&T CallVantage, Broad Voice, BroadVox, Lingo, PacketB, and Vonage. The approximate costs are from US$ 14.95 to US$ 19.99 per month for residences and US$ 29.99 to US$49.95 per month for small businesses. There is a start up fee of US$ 39.94 to US$ 138.00 charged by some companies. More information on the options as well as services can be gleaned from:

&bull What Broadband? at covers different broadband suppliers, has in depth articles as well as FAQs.

&bull The Connection Store at features broadband phone vendors, a service provider comparison, as well as articles and quick links.

&bull Database Systems Corp at directorybroadband.htm has detailed information directory on broadband service providers.

&bull Broadband Phone at --has information about broad band phones, providers, news, as well as blogs. There are links as well as articles and resources.

Using broadband phone services can save you considerable amounts in phone bills. Make an in depth study of options in your area. Weigh the pros and cons and reap the many benefits. Technology can really work for you.