How to negotiate a long distance phone service

by : Isabel

Are you worried of spending a huge sum of money on long distance telephone calls? It was stated that Americans spent almost $100 billion on long distance phone calls and some estimates say that one-fifth of that was wasted on excessive charges. It is very important that we select a smart phone plan and save our hard earned money over long distance calls.

This article can help you negotiate on your long distance phone service and thereby save a lot of your money. The following steps can help you for a better tomorrow.

&bull Take a review of several months' phone bills to understand and study your long distance phone calls. Check your long distance calling patterns and how they might change in the near future.
&bull Separate your in-state and inter-state charges, usually billed at different rates. You can shop for a plan that has low per-minute interest rates compared to the current one you are using. Regional plans from a local retailer can be your best bets.
&bull Find a plan with small or no monthly fees especially if you make less than 100 minutes of long distance calls per month.
&bull Find out what advantages you can gain by using the same carrier for both local and long distance phone calls service. It would be advisable to check whether the promised savings are based on the phone plan you currently have, rather than on a competing carrier's most.
&bull You can ask a new carrier to pay all the costs associates with switching you over from your current service to the new one. It would be advisable to get their promises in writing.

Tips that can help

&bull Have a look at the pan every month and make sure you are still getting the best deal.
&bull Many mobile phone service plans include free long distance-- a good deal if the minutes and times fit your calling patterns.

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