In Vehicle Navigation driving GPS Market in US

by : James Marriot

A drop in prices of Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation products are likely to heighten demand made by the foremost users – the automakers and the vehicle owners. With technological innovations the resulting economies of scale have thrusted price declines. Further product bundling, and aggressive cost-cutting strategies at all levels of production and distribution are expected to influence prices downward.

With this in progress, the vehicle section found in both the actual shipment market and aftermarket are expected to quickly adopt the GPS. As a matter of fact, navigation and information delivery systems could become most required vehicle components.

US GPS production during 2000-05 is estimated to have grown at a rate of 20-30%. This has led to significant increases in the country’s exports and imports during the same period. According to findings, US GPS markets have recorded revenue of about US $6 billion in the year 2005.

There are several reasons accorded to the high GPS market in the US. These are the status of the automobiles manufactured, the secure feeling generated by an accurate navigation device, and the large distances traveled by Americans than in any other country.

At RNCOS, in their recently published market research report “GPS Market Update – 2006" analysts on the basis of a worldwide study of the GPS market claim that consumer GPS navigation holds a major share of 53% in the US GPS market.

The report provides a detailed analysis of the market scenario and the varied applications and growth opportunities that have been influenced by the technological progress in the field of GPS services.

The market research report “GPS Market Update – 2006"focuses primary attention to leverage a balance by weighing the impact of GPS, the market developments and limitations along with a critical analysis of the ongoing revolution and related technological issues.

The report provides a detailed assessment of the company profiles of 12 major players including Rockwell, Trimble, Leica Geosystems Holdings AG, SiRF Technology & CSI Wireless Inc.