Fleet Management Services Power GPS Market Growth

by : James Marriot

The global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) technology, which is expected to be embraced by the positioning facilities provided through mobile phones and route guidance devices in the car, is estimated to push up the development of the GNSS market in the next 20 years. A study conducted by the European Commission’s Galileo Market Observatory has compiled data from market drivers and predictions regarding the size of the GNSS market both in terms of the number of equipments in use and the incomes generated through it.

The global mobile phone subscriber base grew by more than one million in 2002. Though, the users in the car telematics market are modest in number, this market is also increasing at a fast pace. The adoption of the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) technology in both these areas has been escalated.

The LBS (location based services) market in Korea and Japan is estimated to increase in the next couple of years as they already have a broad GPS subscriber’s base.

The recent market research report by RNCOS, titled, “GPS - Fleet Management Services", forecasts the total sales from GPS based Fleet Management Services and Location Based Services for in-car navigation to increase four folds from 23Bn Euros in 2009 to 91Bn Euros in 2015. The report gives an over view of the market distribution predicting the sales from the telematics and fleet management devices market to grow three fold from 7Bn Euros to 20Bn Euros during the same phase.

The report further reveals that the GPS equipments, used for tracking vehicles, trailers, construction equipments and mobile workers, are estimated to be around 1.91 million units. The market for Fleet Management System (FMS) is expected to swell to over 5.2 million units with yearly service sales crossing the $ 2.1 billion mark through 2009.

The report discloses that the spotlight will swing from the Pacific Asian region in 2010 to Central Asia by 2020, for being the leading suppliers and users of the GNSS technology. Europe will sustain its rate of growth by adding 18% to the market share.

The short company outline on the 6 major service providers and developers, providing the FMS services around the world are contained in this report.

There has been a significant growth of interest in GNSS applications for fields, such as vehicle tracking, surveying, mapping, in-vehicle navigation, people and resource tracking, and telematics applications in the field of recreation. The biggest shortcoming is its receptivity to interference and multi-path, which causes mistakes during the calculation of range and position.

Telematics services are expected to be swiftly imbibed by the commercial and general vehicles market in Europe for using the systems for road charging, access control, and navigation and toll tax collection.

If the electronic collection of toll taxes with the help of telematics system is successfully executed in Europe then it will hasten the use of GNSS enabled systems. This market segment is under the control of the commercial players in U.S. and the remaining portion of the world.