Microsoft Dynamics GP Upgrade FAQ

by : Andrew Karasev

Microsoft Great Plains, Great Plains Software eEnterprise and Dynamics needs to know the key questions for Microsoft Dynamics GP version upgrade.  Especially, when Great Plains is heavily customized and integrated with other parts of ERP/MRP/CRM and legacy systems.  When you have relatively old (3-4 years old) Great Plains system in production, you need to resolve not just version upgrade, but probably database platform and server and WS hardware revision to name a few questions

  • MS SQL Server 2005.  The best final of your upgrade project should include MS SQL 2005.  Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 (10.0 is coming in late 2006).  There is special MS SQL moving procedure, however in our opinion it should be done by Microsoft Business Solutions / Microsoft Dynamics partner
  • Upgrade Path.  Microsoft Business Solutions suggests version upgrade passes, this is important to know when you are on old version, such as 6.0, 5.0 or earlier
  • Annual Enhancement Program.  This is sometimes surprising for customers who stopped annual payment and now has to be re-enrolled (with some penalty) into annual enhancement program.  You should pick new VAR o r contact your old VAR and arrange payment and re-enrollment through them.  When you are back on annual support – you will have registration key for new version
  • Dexterity Customization.  You should have DYNAMICS.DIC with customization code (or sometimes dexterity developer provide you with EXTRACT.DIC, having the same code, forms, and other custom object)
  • Onsite Upgrade.  MBS Partner with local representation, of if you are large company – nation-wide partner could send consultants onsite.  However be sure that onsite visit is more expensive option. 
  • Remote upgrade, installation and going live with the help of your IT team is preferable.  If you are in other US, Australia, New Zealand or European location – MBS partner does upgrade via remote desktop, VPN connections plus web sessions
  • Reports Upgrade.  ReportWriter reports has the list of reports which needs to be re-designed with new version, due to the fact of original report redesign by MS Dynamics GP development team in Microsoft.  FRx reports are normally easy to upgrade.  If you invested in Crystal Reports – you might consider switch to MS SQL Server reporting services, but Crystal will still be OK
  • Legacy Databases.  The last version, supporting Pervasive SQL and Ctree was Microsoft Great Plains 7.5.  You need to migrate to MS SQL Server, which is relatively easy to do, but it should be done by consultant
  • Third Party upgrades.  If you use Horizon Manufacturing, Wenn Soft Job Cost, Mekorma, Trinity, DynamicsZip, Avalara Tax or other third party – please check on third party version availability. 

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