GPS Units

by : Troy Porter

Global positioning systems or GPS units are going strong in the market today. They are hot items, whether they are a hand-held model for hunting or hiking or the GPS in your late model vehicle that takes you around town, or across the country. In 1997 few people except the military knew anything about GPS units, let alone used them, and in about 5 more years, the American people will be wondering how in the world we ever lived without this device to find our way for us?

There are 24 satellites strategically placed in orbit around the Earth right at this very second that hold the Global Positioning System. At any given time, with your GPS system, you are able to reach at least 6 of these satellites. When first created, the GPS system available for the general public was inferior to the one that the military used. But in 2002, the inferior system was turned off and so now there is only the one GPS system the one of the military that is available to all. What most people don't know is that to all, it is free. This means that you have mapping, timing and other data available from all around the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

GPS units are becoming increasingly popular and you can find them just about anywhere there's room for a 2 inch screen to hold the data. This means for your car, truck, motorcycle, bicycling, skiing, or in your computer, laptop, Palm Pocket, and those hand held units used for hunting, fishing, etc. The old excuse for being late of because you got lost along the way will no longer work. With GPS units becoming more popular everyday, the costs are also coming down, and shortly they will be affordable for everyone. All of the styles and newest models and lowest prices can be found by surfing the Web. When looking for a gps unit it suggested that you think carefully about the way in which you will use it so you can ensure that the model you buy has the features you need.