How To Back Up Your Phone Data Online

by : Milos Pesic

For the storage of appointments and contacts, many people today rely on cell phones. However, the dependence on one single device can be unsafe and tricky in case your phone gets lost or stolen.

In order to prevent the disaster of losing vital contact details, you should try to regularly back up your phone data. Most phones today come with the appropriate software allowing you to easily manage and back up these data. For example, in case you are using a SonyEricsson phone, the best PC software for your unit is Float's Mobile Agent. However, the biggest disadvantage of using PC utilities for backing up your phone data is the fact that you need to regularly connect your cell phone to PC in order to obtain the updated version of your data.

Most conventional back up methods copy your phone data onto any kind of media, like an external hard disc, DVD, or a USB memory stick. As much as these methods may seem quick and cheap, they are not reliable enough. Very often, laptops and peripherals get stolen from people's houses and offices.

Alternatively, you can try online phone backup services, which save your most critical phone data on a highly secure, off-site server on the Internet. This way, you can have your phone stolen, lost or destroyed, but at least your vital data such as contact list, calendar, pictures, videos or text messages will definitely survive. Additionally, even if your membership expires, many services will still keep your data online for a certain period of time in case you change your mind.

The procedure is rather simple. You first register with the username, which is usually your phone number, upon which you will be sent a randomly generated password via sms text message and email address. Next, you can log on to the servers 24/7 through the management system and start the back up process. You can also and edit your information, listen to the ring tones you have backed up, watch the videos etc. You are recommended to check the data you have synchronized periodically just to make sure that your backup is complete.

If you still don't have backups of your critical phone data, sign up for an account with any of the online mobile phone backup services, back up your data and keep it regularly synchronized to save yourself from a potential disaster of getting your unit lost or stolen.