Mobile Phone Buying Guide

by : Chip

Some people want the best of features, ergonomics and looks, but they fail to find their favourite even after skimming through dozens of phones. And, there are some, who want the sexiest-looking phone, unconcerned about functions and usability. No matter what your taste is, this guide will aid you in choosing your dream phone.

Multimedia phones

Most buyers fall into this category because of the entertainment quotient. Before buying the phone that your friend or neighbour owns, first decide which features will be most useful to you. If you're a music lover, look out for features such as music management, superior playback quality and memory expansion. In addition to this they also come bundled with an adapter with a 3.5 mm output jack and a pair of stereo earphones. The advantage of having a 3.5 mm audio jack is that you can use any headphones with the phone. One of the most important features in a multimedia phone is memory expansion. If you run out of space on your phone, you can add a memory card and increase the storage space. Thus you can carry more songs, videos and images on your phone.

If you're a shutterbug, look out for features such as the resolution of the camera, auto-focus and flash. These are prerequisites for good image capture quality. In addition to this, check whether the image capture utility offers white balance, ISO settings, shooting modes, red eye reduction and so on. At present, the phones which excel in imaging are Sony Ericsson's K790i and K810i, which feature Sony's Cyber-shot image processing engine. If you're a fan of Nokia, there's nothing to beat the N73 which sports a 3.2 megapixel camera. For those who want the best of both worlds, run your fingers through the performance scores and pick the phone those scores well on both audio quality and image capturing.

Business phones

These phones are targeted at business users who want a phone as versatile as a PC. The key features of these mobile devices are office applications that allow the user to create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Other applications include a web browser, e-mail and instant messaging clients, media players, and so on. Since these applications require a lot of text input, look out for phones with integrated QWERTY keypads in addition to a stylus. With large screens and QWERTY keypads, business phones are a bit bulky to carry. If you're looking for a phone which is light, you can take your pick after skimming through the weight and features of all the phones. If speed is your priority, select the one with the fastest processor and check how much the phone has scored in the navigation speed test under the performance parameter. The fastest phones we tested were the Asus P750, Asus P525 and 02 Xda Flame which feature 520 MHz processors and a run Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC.

Some business phones include some of the key features of multimedia phones such as cameras with auto-focus and flash and FM radio. However, if you plan to buy such a phone, keep in mind that you won't be allowed to carry it in places where security measures are stringent