How Necessary is a Website?

by : Paul Selibio

Have you considered the importance of business cards in creating a stir among your peers, clients and prospects over your new product or service? That 86 × 54 mm piece of plastic or textured paper can go long ways in promoting your business and getting leads for a sale, after the conversation on the negotiating table has long wound up. Can you imagine how far can a website go?

A website, interchangeably referred to as "online business card" or "web address", has tremendous potential in getting your message and idea across global communities, which other promotional media may be found wanting. Today, it has catapulted marketing into the realm of content, audio and video plus person to person interaction carried over chat rooms still made possible by an accessible online address, transcending time and space. With no territorial boundaries, having a website is an indispensable tool for an entrepreneur who wishes to bring his products or service to global attention.

Products and services are sold by the minute online; shopping carts have never ceased raking in dollars, round the clock, for the website that hosts them. A businessman who wants to thrive in the 21st century and beyond needs to embrace the call of the times: acquire and manage a company website or be left behind.

With a website, even while you sleep, your business is on its feet, holding its own against competition. Through online strategies, such as search engine optimization and internet marketing, your business is always at the threshold of converting every search query, into a possible conversion, long after the regular sales agent in a traditional business has gone home. Such is the 24/7 power of a website to welcome traffic and create sales for your business, even when you are not watching.

A business that has no website will eventually fade into oblivion; it simply cannot outlast competition. Large or small business has lost its size definition when competition is brought in the forefront of the worldwide web. Businesses, which have the winning edge, are those with online presence, no matter how sparse is the number of people that run them. It's not about size, it's about visibility.

It is online where most people, nowadays conduct their search for information that leads them to your door. Without a website, where would your potential customer go to find you? Only your next door neighbor will not bother to sit in front of the PC to place order for your shoe; the rest will seek out the same pair of shoes among online stores that offer not just convenience but a plethora of choices, which a customer can feast his eyes on, minus the perspiration.

To compete globally, you have to take up the challenge of being seen, read and heard on the web. Nothing can bring your business more effectively to your online audience than that piece of space on your website; you appropriately call "Home".