Website Building: Choosing Content - Getting Your Word Out

by : William Stephenson

Choosing Content

Since the advent of computers and advancement of softwares, the ability of the computers to display anything on its screen is incredible. Your computer can display anything on earth on its screen with the help of websitex. It is very easy to create a website, but what matters is the content itself, its quality and the target audience. It involves huge investments, tremendous effort, creativity and time in creating a website; therefore you must carefully weigh your basic requirement, design and the colorful outlook of your website. Don't forget that the aim of your website is to display your products for sale and increase your sales subsequently. The target audience must react favorably to the contents on your website.

Once you have decided on the basic contents of your website, the next task is to build it with ingenuity to catch the eye of the prospective buyers. Not to forget what you display on your web site is an extension of your vision for expanding your business. Today, a computer has become a necessity in each home, enhancing easy access to the outside world. Anything can be viewed on various websites from movies to information on any subject on earth. The website is a powerful medium of advertisement, therefore, what you create must add value to your business.

While creating a website ensure the home page attracts viewers by keeping it as simple as possible with colorful pictures, text and graphics. Highlight the various advantages of your product and concessions, provided with the product, if any. Avoid advertising similar contents of a product which someone else has already advertised. Nobody likes to read something which has been copied from somewhere else. Keep the explanations as short as possible and if you have to have lengthy explanations break them in to sections for easy understanding and assimilation. If there is a lengthy document that you want on your website, then you should keep it as a PDF file which can be easily downloaded and read off-line. You must invite feedback and comments for your website. Ensure that you reply to the emails you receive about your website. Feedbacks may improve the content of your website and hence improve your business. The number of people visiting the website is a measure of popularity of the website. To keep pace with changing times, you must continuously update the contents of the website to take your business to soaring heights through maximum possible hits. Your website should look different from other websites.

Getting Your Word Out

The development of World Wide Web (WWW) has revolutionized the method of advertisement, capturing the imagination of millions of people around the world. It is an excellent method of promoting your business in this competitive world. It all depends on what you offer and the way you offer it.

To publicize your services you must first find a good search engine to register your website. Search engines such as, Google and Yahoo, are the most popular search engines with hundred of millions visiting them everyday. Would it not be a good idea to advertise your services on these search engines?

You can register your website on a number of search engines by filling the necessary forms on the respective sites. Select the search engine of your choice and submit the form. Remember it is important that the way you want your site to be identified, for the millions of viewers that are expected to visit your website. Select an appropriate keyword or phrase to identify your website. You may also like to decide the category under which you would like to place your website, for example, if you are in retail business and wholesale business at the same time you may like to register under two categories with different keyword or phrase. Many of the search engines accept your URL only, but Yahoo allows registration in multiple categories. Keep the registration to the best possible search engines which you can identify at Search Engine Watch. The contents of the website should describe its purpose in simple with self explanatory words and should be easy to find. Once you have registered, some of the sites take a long time for listing because the processing takes a long time to carry out checks and balances of your website. It is worth the wait, but keep a tag. One of the most popular sites is Yahoo! What's New page.

You may also advertise online, but it is costly as you have to pay for every time your ad is seen. The rate of payment varies according to the number of audience targeted. Another way of letting people know about your website is giving out regular press releases on Internet based publications.

You can also advertise your website in appropriate newspapers. Ensure your site name and URL is included in the advertisement. There are number of websites working in similar field; you can request them to link your website for advertisement purposes.