Google Tags your Site as Harmful

by : Nici

Google has started with tagging the sites that are reported of linking themselves to badwares or hosting a badwares in the site. Oh ok, badwares, they define it as malicious software that tracks your moves online and feeds that information back to shady marketing groups so that they can ambush you with targeted ads. The trickiest part of the badware is that you may not know that you downloaded it. Some badware manufacturers bundle it with other programs without disclosing that it's part of the package. Others put their programs on your PC when you visit certain websites or play online games.

Google has introduced this to make the Google visitor feel comfortable and safer while surfing in Google. Whenever badware site is indexed in the search, you will notice a warning stating that "This site may harm your computer" some thing similar as shown in the search result below:

As well as it wouldn't take you to the site directly from Google, instead, it would take you to a warning page which looks similar to this:

The efforts from Google are genuine and would help our computers from getting affected with badwares that can harm our computers. But, as my Sir (Mr. Pankaj Trivedi) used to say that never a system can be perfect, especially when it is introduced, that is obvious to have some bugs and loop holes in the starting stage. There are cases when Google false positive for some sites. Just imagine if that is your site, it would drop down your visitor traffic and I know there are major sites that have 90% traffic coming from Google. If I am a visitor, I would definitely not try to visit your site if I see a warning "This site may harm your computer"; there are several other results before me, I would try one of them and avoid visiting your site. That would loose your traffic and image in internet world in no time. I had one of my clients facing the same, so make sure you take below steps if you find such warning in the search results of your site.

1. There is no direct way to remove the warning at the earliest.
2. File a request of review at
3. Make sure your site is not infected with any badware.
4. Check all the new scripts installed.
5. Check with your host for any hacking attempts.

I think this much should let your site removed from the listing.

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Sindhav Nici K.

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