Jogging for no Weight Loss

by : Kim Parker

Is the comfort of workout driving you to hog? Watch out.

Quite a few of us have been jogging for years without significant reduction in weight. Says Joanna Tippet, who has weighed 72 kilos consistently for so many years – I have been between 70 and 72, looks like, all my life and have been jogging for almost a decade now, but unable to go anywhere near the weight ideal for me, which is 58." The difficulty is, she admits, that as soon as “I burn calories they are replenished as fast". She is hungry after a five-kilometer jog and just attacks her breakfast table with a comfort at the back of her mind that she has had her quota of workout.

Millions of joggers or those who have been losing several pairs of snickers a year, on work outs, suffer from the complacence of adequate physical sessions to call for indulgence when it comes to dining. And needless to conclude, they all keep hovering over the same range of what they have weighed all their lives, year after year. In fact what they have been doing as workouts is just adequate to maintain their weight profile.

“Those who are seriously considering to shape themselves up must know that weight management is not just about reducing lbs and inches, it’s a complete self assessment followed by result-oriented action", says Pelly at one of the upmarket weight management parlours.

Weight management professionals agree that there exists an overwhelming number of those who are exerting at the jogging tracts or gyms and going back home to hog with an impression that they have done enough for the day, “so now please do not come between me and my food,".

Those on diet pills for that matter are a much better lot when it comes to weight loss. Atleast they are not cheating themselves. Prescription diet pills are result oriented as those going for them atleast know that hogging for them is a crime. Taken judiciously, they are safe. So, safe diet pills are the answer for those who have been working out aimlessly for years together.