Elliptical Machines

by : John Purfield

Do you find that jogging puts wear and tear on your body at times? Even though jogging is great for weight loss, sometimes the impact can leave you in enough pain that running won’t be an option at your next work out.

It gets very challenging to run on a daily basis because we may need longer to recover. Even if equipped with the right clothing for the weather or the right sneakers to jog with, the body just says “no". However, we should ask ourselves, “What can we do if we can’t run?" In my opinion running is the most effective exercise for burning fat. In turn, I’m less optimistic with my weight loss goals when I can’t run. However, we can always choose an alternative exercise……..

If you want a formidable workout with lower impact, give elliptical machines a try. Elliptical machines became popular because they provide much less impact on the legs when training and give you a good work out (if used correctly). Elliptical machines can challenge the determined trainee to get an intense work out. If you decide to use an elliptical machine as an alternative to jogging, you won’t need to worry about the payoff (or lack of) for skipping your daily run.

If you don’t know what an elliptical trainer looks like, think of a stair climber crossed with a treadmill. It provides trainees a natural, flowing motion while sweating it out.

Interval training on the elliptical machine provides one approach for optimal fat burning. Some elliptical machines at the gym include pre-programmed courses you can choose from. Setting the overall resistance level should be the only effort you need to make for your workout. Correct use of the machine will provide your body enough of a challenge to burn fat optimally.

Many elliptical machines include high tech features such as a control panel that allows any dedicated trainee access to important information such as calories burned, time functions and a heart rate. Elliptical fitness machines are used in gyms for many years. People are buying them for their personal home gyms as these machines become more affordable.

So if your knees, legs or feet hurt too much from jogging, consider taking the day off from jogging and get on an elliptical machine for your next work out. You’ll reduce most of the impact on your legs and you’ll get the results you need.