You Need Lamp to Light Up Your Chances in World Wide Web

by : Smita Mathur

Linux almost instantly relates one to Open Source architecture. Open to be researched and enhanced upon, and yet superiorly robust to resist any malicious intrusion by virus and malwares. No doubt why so many us find Linux based architecture to be so very effective as our Operating System in daily essentials of computing for diverse personal and business needs.

The same virtue of robustness makes meaning to a millions world-wide in accepting to the specifications of Linux hosting services. Here the credibility of Linux comes in terms to the web hosting necessities. No wonder the burgeoning popularity of Linux hosting services has encouraged several web hosting companies to integrate this hosting service with their serviceability.

But what is a Linux Web hosting service? Let's find out more.

Linux hosting works on Open Source architecture. Figuratively defined as LAMP, the specification is as below:

Analyzing LAMP

1.LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Python/Perl, the four major ingredients of a Linux hosting service.

2.Here, Linux works as the computer Operating System (OS). The Open Source, UNIX-like OS facilitates basic platform for the LAMP server-software combination architecture.

3.Apache, the HTTP web server is proficient to serve both static and dynamic web content on World Wide Web. The basic structuring of Apache has found takers in the large scale businesses, data warehousing companies and any one in need of safe and secure distribution of content through the internet.

4.MySQL is a multi-user accessible, multithreaded Sequential Query Language database management system (DBMS). The main role of this database system is to work as a server offering multi-user access to different databases.

5.PHP, Python and Perl are the three common varieties of scripting languages of which any one is commonly incorporated while structuring a Linux hosting platform.

For all these specifications, along with robustness, one other factor that also holds enough ground is their ubiquitous ness. By being available in a complete package, the entire package also offers a cost-effective means of hosting.