Web-design & Hosting

by : Dean Barnard

Copyright (c) 2007 Dean Barnard

The elements in web designing and development are numerous. In effect a web-site is a multimedia experience which includes text and graphics as the lowest denominator. Advanced web-sites may include streaming audio, video and animations. The steps which are required for development are:

Creation of separate individual components. This may include graphics and photographs. Adobe Photoshop and other graphics suite can be used to create, manipulate and convert images to suitable formats. For example a bit map image has a large file size which may take a very long time to download. This needs to be converted to a GIF or JPEG image which results in small file sizes. The images can also be converted to vector images by using software like Flash.

Create animations using GIF animator and Flash like software.

These images, text and animations are then loaded on a web page using software such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage.

Creation of navigation buttons with rollover effects etc. needed to navigate between the web pages of a web-site.

Once the web pages are ready they have to be uploaded on a host computer server which is called hosting. The web-site has a unique address called domain name which can be obtained from domain name registrars.

Web Hosting

There was a time when I had all my web pages ready but did not know how to showcase my great creative genius to the wide world. Initially, I imagined converting my own computer into a web server. But I was soon to realize that hosting my site would bite into my pocket. The first step towards hosting was obviously to get a domain name registered. Nowadays there are many who provide the registering service. By the time I could register my favorite name, it seemed that all names were already taken. I was advised to put some numeric into the name which I reluctantly agreed to do. Maybe why many sites have some number thrown in? The web-site looks iffy too.

Next, I searched for an appropriate Hosting service provider who would accept my humble five pages of offering. These providers have different packages to suit your requirement. A basic service without database connectivity can work out to be very cheap. You can also host you web-site totally free. Just search for it on the internet. Linux servers seem to be the flavor of the day and they are more economical than Windows servers, which should anyway not bother you, unless working with databases like SQL server. Once a host is found, it is pretty easy to upload the files and look at your wonder child with wonder.