Bluetooth - A Latest Achievement In Mobile Technology!

by : Pencil Writer

Bluetooth is a networking technology mainly invented to eliminate the usage of wires or cords for getting connectivity between two devices. They do not need huge power supply which is considered as very ideal for battery-based devices like mobile phones. This new technology depends up on two things namely radio frequency technology and protocol software. Bluetooth enabled devices has the stuff to transmit data between the other devices wirelessly.

Things to be considered at the time of transmitting data between two Bluetooth enabled devices:

• The amount of data to be sent
• The type of communication
• The radio frequency etc.

Why this wireless technology has been known by a strange name called "Bluetooth"?

Harald Bluetooth is the name of a Danish king who ruled Denmark during 1900s. In the memory of his name, this technology has named as "Bluetooth". IT was he who tried to consolidate Denmark and a part of Norway during his time. It has the ability to offer connection between devices like:

• Mobile phones
• Laptops
• Computers
• Printers
• Digital Cameras
• Video Game Consoles etc.

The main purpose of getting wireless connection between these devices is the transmission of data between compatible devices. This technology has been operated with the support of radio waves with the frequency up to 2.4 GHz. It can support multi point instead of just point to point. You can make use of this technology in to a confined area from 10 to 15 meters apart. This wireless technology can offer you data transmission speed up to 1 to 2 MB per second. You can talk wirelessly with your headset or listen to your MP3s with a set of Bluetooth wireless stereo headphones and also, get your favourite pictures onto your PC for editing or send them straight to the printer without wire connections.

This technology is designed to have a very low power consumption. We can connect different devices across different platforms and can expect more speed especially in future.

Another advantage of Bluetooth is that it can automatically detect and communicate with other Bluetooth devices without any user input.