Power6 Processor- Worlds Fastest Processor

by : Sam

Increases the processing speed to 4.7 GHz

A revolutionary device in the form of tiny chip has been designed by IBM which has put the world in wonders. Power6 is really a mind-blowing processor which not only reduces the power consumption to half but increases its speed to 4.7GHz. This shows the fact that now people can use this processor to achieve greater performance and very less fraction of power consumption. It consumes half of the power as used by the previous versions.

Specifications of Power6:

ï‚?Consists of 790 million transistors
ï‚?Maximum Clock Speed 4.7GHz
ï‚?300GB Bandwidth
ï‚?Processor size is 65nm
ï‚?Available in 3.5GHz, 4.2GHz and 4.7GHz clock speed

The Processors which were built before Power6 were based on binary computations but Power6 has come out from that limit. The binary calculations are computed in 0's and 1's form but Power6 extends towards more digits and included numbers from 1-10. This modification reduces the time factor of calculation and ultimately enhances the performance. It helps in solving long and complex mathematical equations which took a lot of time and energy. This system actually designed to think and process problems in decimal form just like humans. This helps Power6 to go near to reality and accurate results.

IBM has put a great emphasis on the designing of chip. Every model of Power6 is manufactured on CMP design (2 ways) and combine multithreaded processes with per core L2 caches. Power6 comes up with some implausible bandwidth which perfectly suits the processor.

Power6 is implemented on 2-tier architecture. Every model of Power6 MCM creates a cell and 8 cells are used by Powrr6 to establish a network properly. This advance technology based system architecture is based on low and much consistent latencies. Low and consistent latencies help operating systems to monitor and manage the tasks properly. Ultimately it increases the performance of the processor.