Porsche Cayman S.

by : Joe Thompson

The automotive world is wondering why Porsche is sending out a newer and cheaper Porsche Cayman. After all, with the Porsche Cayman S running almost double in sales than what has been expected for the vehicle, some business and marketing analysts claim that perhaps it might not be a good thing for Porsche to send out a thrilling and cheaper Porsche Cayman on the road.

The very first Porsche Cayman was produced only this year. And it took the spot that was previously owned by the Porsche 968 in the Porsche line up of exemplary vehicles. This sports car is known to be a coupe that holds two doors. It also has got two seats in its cabin. According to Porsche, the Cayman idea actually came from the inspiration of the Porsche Boxter. However, the difference is that this new vehicle now makes use of modified flat-6 engines which makes its performance and handling better and smoother compared to its idol.

When the Porsche Cayman revved up its engine and started roaring through the streets and giving the company a huge amount in sales and profit, awards also came rushing to recognize the power and performance that this sports car has. Maintenance is also fairly easy for owners and drivers for used Porsche car parts would work well with this sports car. In fact, this vehicle took a huge share of awards during the Auto Express New Car Honors awards for 2006. It also was greatly recognized as the best sporting car that one can find in the United Kingdom.

The cheaper Porsche Cayman is sold some ?7,755 cheaper compared to the Porsche Cayman S. And because of this, Porsche exclaims that other sports cars in the auto industry like the Mercedes SLK and the BMW Z4 coupe should better watch out for this one.