Act! Software For Palm OS 2.0

by : Sayed Ally

Accessing contact and customer information from a Palm OS or other hand held devices is now made possible through the new ACT! for Palm OS 2.0 and hand held devices. Coupled with its featured mobility, ACT! for Palm OS 2.0 delivers versatility through multiple tasks such as linked calendars, appointment and task lists, accessing customer records for scheduled appointments and power to access and view previous customer transactions and service history.

Through ACT! for Palm OS 2.0, users may access updated fields, notes, histories, sales prospects, calendar information and activities as well as send updated information to the ACT! server for information dissemination. Old and new ACT! users can now experience the convenience and power of ACT! mobility via ACT! for Palm OS 2.0.

With ACT! for Palm OS 2.0, you may experience true and real time contact management information from a portable device. Performing data synchronization is made easy in order to have the correct information through information updates to and from the ACT! server.

Corporate information such as profiles, team and individual information may also be accessed through a device with ACT! Palm OS 2.0. ACT! for Palm OS also features a utility tool for better mobile sales management tasks. Customize ACT! for Palm OS to have a personalized, user friendly interface. Prioritize, track and record activities that are important to the business.

ACT! Palm OS requires a Palm OS 3.5 to 5.4 device, a minimum of 33 MHZ for processing power, 8 MB of memory, a free memory of %))K plus 1 K per contact, HotSync Manager 3.5 and 4.1.0 and Palm Desktop 4.1

In terms of software compatibility, ACT! for PALM OS is workable with ACT! 2006 and ACT! 2007. ACT! for Palm OS has a customizable color coding scheme for prioritizing stored items. Users have the ability to view, modify and add opportunities in the device. Users can access a consolidated list of opportunities for better action planning.

ACT! for Palm OS is also compatible with ACT! Premium for Workgroups 2006 and 2007. ACT! for Palm OS 2.0 is a stand alone program and does not serve as an upgrade for ACT! for Palm OS 2006.