Online Computer Repair

by : John A. Stevens

With the high tech world of today, Online Computer repair is quickly taking hold. Having your computer repaired online is great for many people because they do not need to haul their computer to a shop and wait days to get it back. Another benefit is the cost. Most places will only charge around 89 dollars to remove a virus or spyware. Many computer retail stores charge that amount plug a diagnostic fee.

With most online computer repair companies they offer a fix it or free policy. That means you do not have to pay if the issue is not fixed. The most common type of repairs the online companies do are virus and spyware removal, system tune-ups, registry repair, driver issues and internet issues.

Because the repair is being done on-line not all issues can be resolved. If your computer will not boot for instance then they will not be able to help. If any of your parts are physically damaged they will not be able to assist either. This is were the no fix no pay can come in handy. Be sure and ask if they have such a policy.

Another downside is for many companies you have to stay on the phone with their technician. Often times the issue may take an hour or so to fix. You need to be on the phone because they first need you to install some remote computer repair software that will allow them to get into your computer. After that they do all the work but you still may be required to stay on the phone.