Why you should try a Tour in Eastern Europe

by : Frank Johnson

When people travel to Europe, they normally visit West European countries such as England , France , Spain . However, Europe also has an eastern side that is equally charming. Eastern Europe has much to offer travelers Although there are touches of Communism, Eastern Europe is filled with hidden treasures and beauty that cannot be seen anywhere else. Broaden your European horizons and explore the beauty of Eastern Europe .

Here are some hotspots and Destinations in Eastern Europe :

  • Budapest
    A great place to start your Hungarian journey is on the Western Bank of the river in Óbuda, the oldest part of Budapest . Two thousand years of human life is marked by the excavated Roman city of Aquincum where Europe 's largest open-air amphitheater remains. Main Square is very charming with taverns and quaint single-story houses and shops. From Óbuda to neighboring Buda, the hilly landscape is sprinkled with ancient Roman and Turkish Baths, fed by some of the 100 thermal springs that run through the area.
  • Poland
    Poland has a unique draw due to its positioning on the Baltic Sea and its shared borders with Germany , the Czech Republic , Slovakia , Ukraine , Belarus , Lithuania , and Russia . Poland today is finally the more tranquil, dynamic and more affordable cousin of its neighbors. Visit the Great Mazury Lake District in the northeast where nearly 15% of the area is covered by pristine lakes and canals, dotted with picturesque villages. This is a haven for cycling, canoeing and hiking. Don't miss the 13th century Malbork Castle , the headquarters for the Order of the Teutonic Knights, which holds the title as the largest medieval castle in Europe .
  • Russia
    Many travel restrictions have been lifted since the 1990s and it is now possible to arrange overnight stays in many of the fascinating towns and breathtaking landscapes along the way. Make sure to spend a moment in the Siberian town of Ulan Ude , Russia 's main Buddhist center, and visit the Tibetan Buddhist monastery that has been restored since the oppressive rule of Stalin. The Baikal Lake region is also a very popular stop and a perfect place to be immersed in the natural beauty of Russia 's heartland. Baikal Lake is the oldest in the world, estimated to be 25-30 million years old.