Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics GP implementation and support

by : Andrew Karasev

If you are relocating with your Microsoft Great Plains application, somebody should care professionally in helping you roll it out on new computer network, upgrade customization, reporting, integration, barcoding, warehouse management. ?We provide support to local businesses in Illinois, Texas, as well as help large public corporations to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP nation-wide and internationally. ?Below we provide highlights on Microsoft Dynamics GP technology and functionality

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Portal.? This is common trend among ERP vendors, such as Oracle, Microsoft, SAP – to move their MRP interface to internet browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. ?Compare with Microsoft CRM, for example – all CRM modules interfaces are in Explorer. ?Business Portal is Sharepoint application, which integrates with GP via eConnect (set of SQL stored procedures in its business logic core, imitating GP Microsoft Dexterity functionality and encapsulating GP objects). ?BP opens for you such web applications/GP modules as Requisition Management (former eRequisition), Order Management (former eOrder), Human Resources and Employee Self Service with employee time cards entry logic. ?If you deploy project accounting module, Business Portal opens for you project time logs (if you are familiar with PDK – this is web extension).
  • BP Customization or Integration.? At this point we can create new logic in BP, however if you expect to customize business logic of existing modules – this is in perspective. ?BP customization is in hands of Visual Studio.Net C# developer who is familiar with Rational XDE and Microsoft Dynamics GP business logic. ?As Business Portal doesn’t allow direct SQL data access – you should not expect similar data repair approach as you probably had for Microsoft Dynamics GP Dexterity custom extensions
  • Microsoft Dexterity, former Great Plains Dexterity.? Don’t worry, it is there – if you utilize heavy Dexterity modification logic, we can support and upgrade it for you if you have DYNAMICS.DIC or EXTRACT.DIC with dex sanscript not stripped out there. ?If you have Dex customization, we don’t recommend you to upgrade it inhouse as it requires professional dex software developer help, due to the nature of GP Dex customization architecture – Dex allows you to modify exsiting GP screens, such as SOP Entry form, when GP releases new version – this or other forms are typically enhanced and so, Dex old version alternate form custom logic should be redeployed