MS GP Customization Ver. Update: 64 Bit Windows FAQ

by : Andrew Karasev

We would like to give you some technology highlights on GP

  • DB: MS SQL Server 2005. ?You may consider SQL 2000 upgrade to 2005, especially if you consider switching to 64 bit platform: Windows 2003x64 with MS SQL Server 2005x64 – this will give you good performance boost. ?However, be aware that 64 bit applications are making market penetration steps, so do not plan to move all your logic to 64 bit platform, just SQL Server and Dynamics GP upgrade to 9.0 or 10.0 is a good progress; don’t move your legacy applications on this server, as you may have unexpected issues with compatibility, licensing (when OS platform is not recognized for example), etc
  • GP Version Update.? If you plan to upgrade, and you may consider the following reasons to do so – MBS technical support expiration (7.5 support at this time is expired on Dec 31, 2006 for instance), technology progress and related ERP software incompatibility with new Windows server, .Net and related technologies. ?Currently GP 9.0 is in progress, however at this time we expect Dynamics GP 10.0 version to be released this summer (2007)
  • Customization Version Update.? This requires programmer and specializing technical consultant help, as it resembles chess game – when Microsoft introduces new feature, you custom logic gets new upgrade what-if type of conditions. ?Dexterity, eConnect, Business Portal (Requisition Management, HR & Employee Self Service Suite, Order Management and their upgrade from eRequisition, eOrder, eEmployee) – require professional involvement. ?Such technologies as Crystal Reports typically are more stable to GP version upgrade, the only problem with Crystal Report is when Great Plains does serious change to table names and removes/renames fields, but this is less likely event