A Tourists Guide to Munich, Germany

by : Thomas Smith

Munich is the third-largest city in Germany . With a population of roughly 1.3 million people, it is by no means small. Few may know this, but Munich is also the capital of the state of Bavaria .

The city of Munich is located on the River Isar, and offers breathtaking views to visitors and residents alike. Munich is one of Europe 's most scenic destinations. The atmosphere alone draws in thousands of tourists on a yearly basis. The tourism industry makes up much of the city's economy, and is hugely profitable for the locals.

When visiting Munich you should prepare for rain. Being that the city is near the sea and the Alps , showers can be relatively common throughout the year. In many cases downpours can start without much notice. Snow is also a common occurrence during the winter months in Munich . During the winter months average temperatures are in the low 30s. On the opposite end of the spectrum the month of July is the warmest with temperatures averaging around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

The city of Munich is home to several churches that have been standing for some time. They are architecturally gorgeous, and hence very popular attractions among tourists. Munich is also home to many historical castles and theatres that have astoundingly beautiful structures. The Alte Hof is the most frequently visited castle in the area, and is a treasure to the city of Munich .

Nightlife in Munich is among the best in Europe . The sheer number of nightspots in the city will put even the most intense of clubbers to the test. These hot spots include dance clubs, bar, breweries, and restaurants.

Servicing Munich is the Franz Josef Strauss International Airport . This airport was built in 1992, meaning that it is one of the newer ones in Europe .

Even though Munich is not the largest city in Europe , there is still plenty to see and do. Do consider visiting this vibrant city which is historically beautiful and yet refreshingly modern at the same time. It will, quite simply, take your breath away.