SAP Business One Implementationcustomer specific pricing

by : Andrew Karasev

In this small article we would like to review SAP Business One pricing model

1.?????? Price Lists.? As you expect, there are various price forming formulas: Last Evaluated Price, Last Purchase Price and then you can base one price list based on another price list with multiplication factor

2.?????? Special Prices for Business Partners.? Here for specific price list you can define discount, applicable to the specific item for this business partner or customer

3.?????? Scenarios.? For your several the most important customers, you would like to announce special program of discounting items, that they ordered last year, but for their internal reasons they stopped ordering these items from you for let’s say six month ago.? You would like to get their business back and go for really low prices for the items they you enjoyed to sell them in the past

4.?????? What is nice about SB1 Implementation.? From our experience we see that it is common when customer asks about specific custom business logic design and the in a few month of being in production we discover that instead of using custom business logic customer deploys flexible options in standard version to work around and find simple replacement to the customization

5.?????? SAP B1 Licensing model.? Currently it is all-in-one.? Meaning that you named user will have access to all the standard modules.? However there are several paths for CRM only users, where they can have access to Sales, Service sides or CRM web access only, where license price is typically below 40% of all in one