SAP Business One Consultants & Rentals Contracts

by : Andrew Karasev

In this small publication we would like to give you highlights on how to automate mid-size rentals business in SAP Business One ERP

1.?????? Service Contract in SB1.? If you have serialized item you can associate it with contract main form.? However item and its serial (or alternatively manufacturing) number is optional.? One of the scenarios might be when you have one principal item, which is mentioned in the contract and then you add multiple additions: parts, auxiliary equipment – all these part are subject to the rent and needs to be accounted accordingly.? In the case like that you associate main item with contract in Service Contract screen

2.?????? Additional items.? These items could be serialized, but it is your choice, you might be Ok just with counting them in your inventory warehouse as temporary rented by quantity.? Here is what is a bit interesti ng and what is not really on the surface – look how we add items to rentals contract.? Create new service call document, click on Expenses tab and Expenses Detail, then Service Call Expenses screen click on New Document and now you see the document options – here pick Transferred to Technician.? Transferred to Technician will suggest you to select from which warehouse it should be transferred and which is destination warehouse.? In essence it is simple inventory item transfer between two sites, however it is associated with Service Call and it is in turn associated with Service Contract, in our case we deploy Service Contract as Rental Contract

3.?????? Rentals Warehouse.? We recommend you in Transferred to Technician window use specially created Warehouse – named something like Rentals

4.?????? Contract Termination.? In order to place rented items back to their normal location, you should create new service call or open existing one and create new Expense document, pick Returned from Technician option.? Here you should select from Warehouse Rentals

5.?????? Rented Items report.? If you are SB1 consultant, you should know how to create either query or modify existing service report or even create Excel or Crystal Report, showing you details on your Rental Contract