Why Is Floppy Drive Used

by : Vgevge

Speaking about all the parts of the computer and not about the floppy drive will not be fair judgement to the discussion. That is why the topic of discussion today will be on the floppy drivers, its uses in the computer and the task it performs in a computer.

The floppy drives are a kind of drive or device that is attached to the computer. The current use of the floppy drives are not relevant much as it has been exceeded by the devices of Flash and optical storage. But still whatever is the use we can never deny the importance of it in the use of the computers.

The floppy drive is a device that is used to read and write the floppy disk. This indeed is a very important task as the use of the floppy disks in the computer is of immense importance for keeping the data or the information stored in it. When the data are stored in the floppy disk the floppy drive helps the user to proceed in this assignment. Similarly when the user will need the data stored in the floppy disk, he will have to take the help of the floppy drive. Thus we can see that the use of the floppy drive in a computer is very essential.

By the early 1990s the use of the floppy disks had become very wide ad this obviously gave rise to the wide use of the floppy drives. In the 70s and 80s the floppy drives were the primary storage devices without which it was impossible to store the data. The computers that were used at that time were the microcomputers. These microcomputers had no drive fixed in it to store data. This was done by receiving data from one floppy disk and sending them to another disk. There were even certain machines that were fixed with two drives to read and write the data from and to the disk. But the use of the floppy drives is not as popular as it was once. This device is considered to be working very slowly, for which almost all the manufacturer of computers have avoided manufacturing computers with floppy drive.

The task that the floppy drive performed once is now performed by the CD writer and the DVD writer. With the current developments in the computer world everything has changed its shape and nature. Whatever it is, one thing has to be admitted that the CD writers and the DVD writers are actually an inspiration or modified idea of the floppy drive only. The function which was once performed by the floppy drive is now performed by the other devices. Still the used floppy drives are found which are very capable and faithful in delivering their service.

Thus we get to see the uses and importance of the floppy drives in the above discussion. With the passage of time this may disappear from the world of computer but still these will be remembered for their magnificent job.