Disk Backup Solution

by : Paul Abbey

Whether you work from home or for a large conglomerate backing up the information contained on your PC is essential. But when it comes to finding the right disk backup solution you may become somewhat confused as to what is the best, simply because there are so many different ones to choose from.

You can either go for solutions where you back up everything you have to an external hard drive, which connects to your PC using a USB cable. Or the other solution is to use an online data backup service. Also, you have the choice of going for either a tape or disk to disk back up system. Which one you choose to use depends on the type of PC you have as well as the kind of network that you are using.

Previously when people where wanting to back up information that they have collected on their PC's they would use tapes. However today more and more people are relying on disk based ones instead. So what are the advantages to using a disk backup system over a tape one. Below we will take a look at what some of these are.

Advantage 1 – Actually moving the information from your PC on to a disk backup system is far quicker than with a tape one. Not only is it much quicker it also allows you to configure the settings on the disk to meet the exact requirements of those of the disk on your PC. This means not only are you saving yourself time but also money as well.

Advantage 2 – Disks are far less vulnerable to being damaged either by people or the environment. The problem with tape backup systems is that they are vulnerable and can be easily damaged by heat, humidity and dirt. Because of this, you can expect when trying to restore data from tapes then you will find that you have lost between 25 and 50% of the data that has been stored on it.

Advantage 3 – Disks are far stronger than tape so they will last much longer and can stand up to you constantly overwriting the information that is already on them. Also because these come in sealed cases the chances of them being affected by external elements is greatly reduced.

Advantage 4 – Probably one of the biggest advantages to be gained form using a disk backup solution system is that they are far easier to manage. This is because such systems will often come with tools to help you manage the system and in some cases are browser based so it allows for easy configuration of settings as well as checking the status of how the backups are proceeding.