Computer Memory Controllers: How They Work

by : Vgevge

Would you like to familiarize yourself with all the aspects of the computer memory? Yes! Then, did you know that there is a chip that controls the flow of data to and from the memory system of the computer. It is known as the computer memory controller, and is fixed either on the motherboard of the computer or to the Central Processing Unit.

The main task of the memory controller chip is to read, write and refresh the Random Access Memory by sending the current through the whole system. If there were no system of refreshing the RAM, the application might lose the entire data it has stored. In this sense, the presence of a memory controller is utterly important.

The Memory controller reads and writes the RAM through multiplexers and demultiplexers. They choose the right row, column and memory location for the data. These controllers work according to the bus width. The bus width of a system is constituted by the number of parallel lanes that communicate with the memory cell of the RAM.

Computer memory controllers have developed into a number of categories. These are Double data rate memory, Dual channel memory and fully buffered memory. The Double data rate memory controller is used to control the RAM which is in the form of a built-in circuit used in the computer. Here, the information is transferred in the flow of highs and lows of the memory clock of the computer. They are a little more comprehensive than that of a single rate controller as they allow almost twice the data to be transferred.

On the other hand, Dual channel memory controllers are used in the systems in which RAM is divided into two different buses. This permits two controllers to work in parallel directions. Fully buffered memory means the placement of a buffer memory device on every module of memory that uses a serial link to the data in place of a parallel link. With the help of this computer memory controller, several memory devices can be connected to a single board.

You will find quality but a very limited variety in computer memory controllers. Mostly, these are fixed in all laptop and desktop computers .A user need not fix them on his own. If you are going to use a computer service, it is important to check out its functioning and status as well. In this respect, you can seek the help of online websites as well as many of the reliable computer stores. For online help, you just need to click onto the Internet and explore the computer memory controller websites. You are allowed to share your concerns and problems with their staff and they will help you to come up with the relevant solution.

In case of some serious problem, they may send their staff to your home to take a close look at the memory controller. So, we have told you about the working of the computer memory controllers, now it is you who has to check out whether it is working accurately in your computer or not?