Help For Photo Shop Tutorial Effect

by : Mario Churchill

While a picture speaks a thousand words, those words tend to have one main meaning - with the possible exception of the still-mysterious Mona Lisa. But what if you had the chance to change those words? Are you interested in having that chance? If so, all you need to do is get help with a Photo Shop tutorial on effects.

Adobe Photo Shop today is the world's leading digital imaging software program, and it allows users to edit their pictures with an amazing array of tools.

Tone - With just a click of your mouse, you can immediately turn your 100% colored photo into a black and white picture to make it seem older. You can also choose to give it a sepia look for a similarly quaint but more artistic impact.

Text - With the help of an Adobe Photo Shop tutorial on effects, you can also add cute text or captions to and within your photos. Unlike older programs which require you to copy and paste text with white backgrounds, Adobe Photo Shop has a transparent background so that only the very shapes of the letters are pasted on your photo. With this option, the text you're adding will be made a part of the very photo.

Selection - Sometimes, you wish to create an effect on only one part of the photo. Adobe Photo Shop anticipates this need, and even better, lets you choose the shape of your selected part. When you've selected which part of the photo you wish to edit, all subsequent changes will then take effect on that part alone. It's as easy and simple as that!

Mosaic - Remember your old art lessons in primary school and you had to create a mosaic project? Well, how about doing a mosaic version of your photo? It seems to require harder work with only your keyboard and mouse, but think again. Thanks to Adobe Photo Shop, you can create your own mosaic with just a click and even choose the cell size for your photo.

Blur - Faded patches in a photo are interesting, and you can intentionally make such patches on your photo if there are none to begin with. Under the same category of tools - Filter - in which you'll also find other effect options like Mosaic and Pointillize, you can use the Blur option and apply it to a selected part of your photo or all of it. Keep pressing the Blur button until you reach your preferred degree of blurriness.

Color Pencil - Have you ever imagined what your photo would look like if it had been drawn using colored pencils? Imagine no more with the help of Adobe Photo Shop. Under the colored pencil function (still in the Filter category), you can also choose the degree of stroke pressure, paper brightness, and pencil width applied to your photo.

Neon Glow - Do you want your photo to outshine everything else in its vicinity? You can literally achieve that with the neon effects of Adobe Photo Shop. Once more, it can be a part of or the whole photo that could be changed with this option. The impact of this function can be modified according to neon color, glow, and brightness.

There are many other effects that Adobe Photo Shop can provide you and to change your photo, but self-study and self-exploration won't get you anywhere fast anytime soon. If you want to learn now, find the best Photo Shop tutorial in the Internet and start watching.