The Reason for the Popularity of Php

by : Santanu Boral

As you know that the roots of PHP programming are in C and C++. As you know that the main coding finds similarity with C and C++ syntax. It is easy to study and learn for all programmers. MYSQL is the back-end tools of PHP. In fact it is also known to you that MYSQL is an online database, which matches properly with PHP. Who want to make their web sites dynamic, those people are called Webmaster. They can run this programming language with different platforms. Like windows, Linux, Unix. Before the contents of the web page, the output buffer of PHP language in internal PHP programming helps the header to be arranged.

PHP has a dynamic property, which works combined with HTML to display elements dynamic in nature on the web page. The extra feature of PHP is, to parse codes within its own delimiters. It did not parse anything outside of its delimiters and those element left are sent into the output.

Many types of Relational Databases Management Systems can merge with PHP programs and it runs on different popular web servers. The combination also works for different O.S. PHP programming provides quality assurance. It is also secure, fast and reliable and the cheap option for developing and hosting applications on the web. Another thing is that, this PHP programming is free and simple to use than their .Net programming counterpart. Although .Net programming allow use of crystals for report creation and complex system, which can be easily executed by using .Net.