A Computer Can Function Well Only If It Is Secured

by : Vgevge

We want anything dear to us, to be secured from the reach of others. This security may mean either securing it from being stolen or from being perturbed by others. The same thing matches in case of our computers too. Whether it is a computer used by you in the office or in your home, to secure it from others is always our effort. Therefore, the ways through which we can keep our PCs secured are discussed below.

The term computer security, in itself is a branch of computer science where everything related to it has been discussed with a broad view. To define the term computer security will be a bit difficult as it can be of varied types which denote securing the computer operations and applications from others by keeping it confidential. Also securing it denotes keeping the system out of reach of others so that no one can use it. Securing the computer applications from the spell of the viruses also falls within this category.

The processes of securing a computer is of two types mainly and these are known as traditional and modern approaches. The traditional approach is used for creating a security circle to save the most important hardware devices from being exploited. It restricts the operating system by limiting them in the microprocessor. This process even confirms the security of the hardware by inspecting the application programs.

The advantage of using this traditional method is that it secures the data by allowing only the authorized user to use it. Other than the traditional methods, those which fall under the purview of the modern method are many. In this context, we can name the use of the anti-virus, use of passwords, securing the PC by coding, etc.

A great obstacle in the way of securing a computer operating system is the disturbance of virus. The main motive behind creating these viruses is to create chaos in the computerized functions. For handling these problems, it is a must to use the anti-virus as only it has the capacity to tackle them. Apart from the use of the anti-virus for saving it from the software viruses, the other processes are the use of passwords and coding. These cautions will secure the PC from being physically exploited. The term physically exploited means to exploit others documents or data. If the user of the computer wants to keep his computer or the process on which he is working safe, then the best means is to save it by using passwords. This will store the data safe from the touch of others.

At last it has also to be mentioned that a safe and secure coding will be achieved only if a good amount of money is spent on it. The more costly the security, the safer the computer and the documents will be. The importance of the computer in every sphere of our life is immense, which can be used and realized only after being saved from the external and internal factors.