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What sounds good on paper can sometimes be completely different in action. For candidates, this might mean a job that sounds very appealing until it's actually experienced.

Finding out that your candidate doesn't really enjoy the work you've hired them for is not something you want to discover on Day 1 of their new position. So it can be worthwhile to give prospective candidates a taste of what's to come through a “day in the life" adventure.

Let your short list of candidates spend a day with someone in your organization who performs the same or similar function you are considering them for. Have them go on a sales visit, sit in on a meeting, listen to a customer service call, or otherwise experience some of the typical activities of their prospective job.

This job preview might save both of you time and effort if it turns out the candidate's no longer interested. Incidentally, if your candidates encounter a lot of surprises in their “day in the life" you might reconsider how you are describing the job in your literature or interview process.

For what roles do you send candidates on a “day in the life"? Take our poll, and see how others have voted at .

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