Benefits of Dynamic Desktop Deployment

by : Wjaegel

A Dynamic Desktop Deployment implementation is divided into a series of phases, with teams of dedicated Dimension Data staff contributing to their respective areas of expertise. The process begins with data gathering, which feeds into architectural guidance and design. With the solution outline and design in place, Dimension Data evaluates the need, if any, to upgrade the organization's technology infrastructure and considers what steps are necessary to ensure that its applications are compatible with the operating system and with one another.

Dimension Data then implements the technology infrastructure and processes to streamline and automate desktop deployment using a standard software image. It evaluates the best ways to package and distribute applications and to ensure that users' data and settings are preserved during the migration. The solution is designed to be secure by default, allowing organizations to apply security policies to different users based on their needs and risk profile. Finally, tools and processes that enabled the initial deployment can be re-used to streamline ongoing management of the desktop environment.

Dynamic Desktop Deployment reduces downtime for staff, streamlines deployment and helps organizations align their desktop management operations with their business goals. It significantly lowers desktop setup and installation costs and minimizes the risks of a desktop refresh project. The investment quickly pays for itself through reduced management costs and increased staff productivity.

Organizations can reduce costs and improve productivity by:
- Automating manual processes
- Reducing downtime related to upgrades and patching
- Creating a stable, secure and manageable desktop environment
- Lowering training costs with a consistent operating environment
- Continuously optimizing infrastructure using a proactive and managed methodology
- Quickly deploying new business applications and upgrades

Dimension Data's professional staff work with clients to seamlessly deliver a desktop management solution that allows them to:
- Standardize applications across the organization
- Use best practices throughout the desktop deployment process
- Rapidly modify and test desktop images prior to deployment
- Plan a proactive migration path for their server and desktop infrastructure to a fully managed environment
- Improve operational agility and responsiveness

Many desktop deployment approaches focus on a point-in-time deployment, but leave few options for growth once the initial goals have been achieved. By contrast, Dynamic Desktop Deployment helps organizations manage a living environment long after the initial rollout is complete. Dimension Data's standard Dynamic Desktop Deployment service is aimed at medium-to-large organizations with a Microsoft Windows environment and network infrastructure. It is flexible enough to handle a diverse combination of hardware and software. It is divided into a series of core and supplementary services that can be applied and customized to suit a client's requirements and internal skills.

The solution can also be modified to meet the desktop deployment needs and budgets of smaller organizations; to address specific requirements for scalability, security, availability and disaster recovery; and to manage environments with heterogeneous directory or operating systems.