Having Trouble With Your Computer?

by : Rexstevenson

We always tend to call the technician when our computer fails to respond. But the first thing we should do is learning what the problem is. It can prove useful when talking to the technician or maybe trying to fix the problem alone.

If there is a problem, it will be one of 2 things: Software or Hardware.

Hardware problems are visible because they usually make your computer turn off. When your CD or DVD doesn't work, your fan is broken or the monitor is black, it's a hardware problem. A hardware problem can be easily fixed, but if you don't have the time or knowledge, just call a technician.

A software problem might also look like your computer has hardware problems, this is what makes them so upsetting. If you ever experienced the following issues, you already know what a software problem is.

Slow computer Blue Screens of Death Automatic restarts of your computer Random error messages, usually dealing with dll files Computer just locks up, or freezes

Registry problems usually cause troubles for your computer. Their purpose is to instruct your PC how to work, but when they get problems, the computer also gets problems. The good news is that you can save money and fix all these issues without calling a technician.

You will need a registry repair software. This software will run a scan of your computer and tell you all of the problems you have in the registry, and will also fix all of them for you. The first time I ran this type of software, I had over 700 errors on my computer. Up until that point, I was ready to go and get a new computer. But, this took care of everything.

The software even has a great feature; you can program it to run at a scheduled time. You can run it every week to make sure that your computer will run the way it's supposed to. It saves you money and it only takes about 15 minutes to scan and repair the registry, so why bother with a technician?