How To Stop Computer Viruses Before They Reach Your PC

by : Theomclanahan

You would be hard pressed to find any computer connected to the Internet without some type of anti-virus software to protect from the thousands of viruses circulating the World Wide Web. However, viruses can hit more than just computers. We need to learn how to protect all vulnerable technology such as routers, networks, and servers.

Routers are used to route network traffic, and are basically a special type of computer. Servers work to serve computers on a specific network.

They typically have more space, more memory, and are faster. There are several different types of servers, such as web servers, file servers, and email and ftp servers.

Anti-virus software is a must for all of these types of systems. They are vulnerable to the same viruses which plague our PCs. Therefore we must work diligently to ensure that they are protected from malicious viruses such as Trojans.

One way that servers and routers can be infected by viruses is from computers which are connected to them. Users can help by ensuring that there computer's are virus free and thereby prevent the spread to servers or routers.

Users can do this by not only installing and running anti-virus software, but also by using Internet browsers which allow them to limit what types of websites can be visited and what those websites that are allowed may install.

It is also important for all users on a network to be diligent when it comes to opening emails. Most viruses are spread via email attachments which usually come in the form as an executable file, but may come with image attachments as well. Users should never open an email attachment if they don't know the source or if it hasn't been scanned for viruses.

In order to better protect servers, routers, and other important systems on our networks, technology companies are working towards better security options. Preventing viruses is vital to keep networks running smoothly.