Converting Adobe Acrobat Pdf File To Ms Word Files

by : Sam Miller

PDF (Portable Document Format) files are a common way to transmit, store and retrieve large documents. They are written and formatted in a very specific way and are meant to be "whole" rather than editable parts. Even though they may look like the same type of plain text or graphics that you might produce in a "word" program, they are markedly different. Think of them more in terms of a picture album with each whole page being an individual "snapshot." Unless you use the right tool (converter program) you can no more take one small portion out of the "snapshot" than you can take one element out of a jpeg or other picture file without using "Photoshop"© or some other editing program.

So, how does one convert PDF files to Word documents? Typically, in order to alter the text in a PDF file you would need the original authoring password. This is true even if you want to "cut and paste" a portion of a PDF file into another document. Remember, the PDF format is essentially a "snapshot" or a graphic portrayal of text; it's not really text itself in the true sense of the word. Because of its design it is difficult, if not impossible, to "copy and paste" a portion of a PDF file directly into a Word or other document. To do this you need a PDF to Word Converter program. This program converts PDF to Word files (or another text document format) by essentially interpreting the "snapshot," which is the PDF file, and making it recognizable as a text file by "Word" or other word processing programs.

Fortunately there are many of these programs available. First look at your local software or office supply store. If you need something right away then a quick search of the internet will produce a number of PDF to Word converter programs that can be purchased at reasonable prices. Often you can download a "free" 30 day trial of the program so you can try it out before paying for it. There are "free" PDF to Word converter programs available for download also. Of course, as with all "free" programs you must be careful about spyware, adware and other types of malware that may be attached to the program.

PDF to Word Converter programs can be a useful tools. By converting PDFs to DOCs one can save hours of typing and editing (don't forget about copyright and plagiarism issues of course!) You can try different programs, using the "Free Trial" offers, in order to find the best value and the one you're most comfortable using. Remember, because you're dealing with two different types of formats a good PDF to Word Converter program will be tremendously helpful in getting the job done.