Keyboard Trays: Important For Computer Users

by : Fred Mallery

According to OSHA, "Keyboards, pointing devices, or working surfaces that are too high or too low can lead to awkward wrist, arm, and shoulder postures. For example, when keyboards are too low you may type with your wrists bent up, and when keyboards are too high, you may need to raise your shoulders to elevate your arms. Performing keying tasks in awkward postures such as these can result in hand, wrist, and shoulder discomfort."

The safety experts go on to suggest that "a keyboard tray may be needed if the work surface or chair cannot be properly adjusted [to achieve the correct height]. The keyboard tray should be adjustable in height and tilt, provide adequate leg and foot clearance, and have adequate space for multiple input devices (for example, a keyboard and pointer/mouse)."

Versa Products, Inc., the popular manufacturer of computer desks and computer desk accessories, takes OSHA's guidelines very seriously. "There are people who sit and use a computer 8 - 12 hours every day," says Christopher Stormer, Director of Marketing at Versa. "We wanted to provide products for them that makes that work comfortable, reduces fatigue, and all but eliminates the risk of repetitive use injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome."

And it's with that sentiment that Versa offers several options in keyboard arms and trays. "Our keyboard trays and articulating keyboard arms can be added to almost any desk, so the customer doesn't need to buy one of our desks simply to upgrade his or her workstation and make it ergonomic."

Of course, as the Director of Marketing, Stormer would like customers to buy Versa's desks as well, but it's not essential. "A lot of companies force you to buy their desks because those are the only products their keyboard arms are compatible with. It's a way to force people to upgrade and spend more when they don't necessarily want to. At Versa, we don't need to do that. People who buy one product from us, tend to come back and buy more later on. We don't need to dupe them into spending as much money as they can right now. We know our products are superior and as soon as the customer buys one, they see that too."

Versa's products are superior and still affordable, especially if you're buying in quantity to furnish an entire office suite or classroom. Without the discounts, Versa's Deluxe Keyboard Drawer starts at $69 and the Basic Keyboard Arm and Tray starts at $99.

Versa's keyboard trays and arms come with Versa's lifetime warranty-as does all of their products. There are also a multitude of color options so matching with an existing color scheme is easy. Their products ship for free from their Los Angeles-based factory and warehouse, and all products are made in the U.S.A.

"We make products that fit with OSHA standards and the current ergonomic guidelines. Those guidelines are always changing and being improved as new information becomes available. We adjust our products constantly to meet those standards and that's part of the reason we have the good reputation we have."