Finding The Best Tablet Pc For You

by : Garry Neale

Tablet PCs are the coolest form of portable computing to hit the markets in recent years. Having developed a loyal following of appreciative customers, the tablet PC is continuing to grow in popularity as more and more computer aficionados discover all the benefits of these notebooks.

So what factors are most important to consider when shopping for tablet computers? First, you have to decide whether you want a slate or convertible computer. This is a personal decision based on how you plan to use the tablet laptop. For instance, if having easy access to a keyboard is important to you, a convertible PC is probably your best choice. However, if you need a computer that is very thin and light, you can do most of your work with a pen, and don't require a laptop with text entry, slate PCs are the right choice. You can use a keyboard with slate tablet computers, but keep in mind that setting up an attachable keyboard and other necessary accoutrements may prove too much of a hassle.

Most people who make best use of slate notebooks work at an occupation such as nursing, insurance, and sales, where vertical use of the tablet PC proves quite beneficial to the tasks they need to accomplish throughout the day.

Screen size is another important factor in selecting the right tablet computer for you. Slate PCs are either 10.4" or 12.1" because this type of tablet laptop is supposed to be carried in your arms while in use. Tablet computers with a 10.4" screen are considered small, but they produce a sharper image. The smaller size and weight of these notebooks are an advantage, however, it can be more difficult to take full-page notes.

For computers with a 14.1" screen, you have to purchase a convertible PC. When comparing convertibles, consider size and weight, especially if you're looking for a computer that won't drag you down when you're on the run.

When comparing and contrasting the various features offered by the many tablet computers out there, screen resolution is another factor to take into account. Resolution is simply the amount of information that will fit on the screen of your laptop. Most slate and convertible tablet notebooks are SXGA resolution, but keep in mind that larger screens on a tablet PC mean a less sharp image, and everything on the computer will appear more pixilated.

The screen viewing angle of tablet PCs refers to the ability to view documents in landscape and portrait modes. The newer computers come with all-direction wide-angle screens that allow you to view items on your laptop at 160 degrees in both modes. This allows portrait-mode viewing on notebooks to be carried out much more easily.

The main brands of tablet PCs include the following: Dell, HP, Toshiba, and Gateway. The best PC for you won't depend on the brand, however. You have to take into consideration all the factors, including price, which make a certain model the best in your circumstances. Whether you end up purchasing a Dell, HP, Toshiba, or a Gateway, make sure you do extensive research before making a final decision.