Get the Right Programs For Your Valuable Pocket PC

by : Jon Caldwell

Brings back memories of Super Mario and other action games that tests your reflexes as you travel through several mazes loaded with traps and challenges. Well, it actually has the feel and sense of Mario but with a different theme where you work as a miner out to get rich in the gold mines as you challenge and avoid trolls and other sinister characters he battles to get his riches. Its entertaining and a nice thing to have when you have junior fidgeting around in the back seat as you get stuck in rush-hour traffic. Try to avoid the sinister Kentucky brothers as they try to get your riches and kick your butt in the process. Its entertaining and challenging for players of all ages.

Ever wanted to take your PS3 with you? Well this is the game for you that gives you the drive of your life giving your mobile the ability to emulate the PSP console as you race against bots to become the top driver in your own right. Street Duel is an underground street racing game that features random maps and several levels to challenge even the most experienced gamer. The great thing is that you don't need a PSP portable and you get to use your own mobile for the game allowing complete entertainment with just one gadget.

From ByteSurge comes a tool that automatically sends a notification (through SMS) for missed callers preventing the impression that you left your gadget at home or on your desk. It allows you to mass send SMS messages to groups or selected users that you wish to reach relieving the ache on your fingers when you do have to contact several people. It also has an integrated call and SMS blocker function giving you privacy when you need it. It works fine for viral marketing where you need to reach the most people in the smallest amount of time. Won in the SMS Auto reply/Mass Sending category of the 2007 Best Mobile Software Awards from Pocket PC Magazine.

The application still rules on the pocket pc platform giving you access to VoIP which is cheaper and sometimes even better than the voice call option of your service provider. It allows you to call any computer across the globe with minimal charges with ease and utmost security. Skype has one of the most securely encrypted VoIP systems around that gives you a layer or protection from the many eavesdroppers out there.

It allows you to monitor who and which of your contacts are online lessening wasted time calling offline users. With support for more and more handsets and mobile pc's growing everyday, the service provider is sure to maintain its share of the PocketPC market in the years to come.

From WinMobileApps, comes a nifty tool that allows you to block sms and calls from blacklisted people or sources. This tool gives you privacy when you need it the most, whether in a meeting or on a special date with your loved one those calls and sms just keep annoying and ruining the moment adding to stress and pressures of everyday life. It also has the ability to read most sim cards with the ability to synchronize with pocket outlook and other address book software allowing better archival and tracking information. The world of personal communications just got abit of a taste of its own medecine as people tend to sek more privacy in their daily lives and these types of apps gives you just that, even on the road.